Slideshow Table
April 2016 - Present

A stand-alone laptop's HDMI port wired into a TV playing a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation ran all work hours. When prices changes occurred, an employee had to manually select cells inside of a table and update the price. The concept is simple but time consuming because it held up a person for about an hour.

As an employee with a programming background, I helped changed the way we run and modify the slideshow. A local Apache & MySQL server with WordPress installed, got me started. With a slideshow plugin, I created HTML, CSS, JavaScript and AJAX code. I forced an excel spreadsheet of pricing to export into HTML and then displayed it nicely inside the slideshow. Now in order to update the slideshow, an employee has to import the spreadsheet into a custom form and the server works the "magic" behind the scenes. An android dongle loads the slideshow in fullscreen when the TV turns on. This new process takes a minute to complete when required to update.